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Katherine Heigl

  November 24 is Katherine Heigl’s birthday. I was just looking at Katherine Heigl’s natal chart, wondering why so many people write such unfavorable things about her. I read a bit about her past and a few controversial things that she has said to the press, and then something strange struck me about her chart. She has Mercury in Sagittarius. […]

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Miley Cyrus

November 23 is Miley Cyrus’ birthday. I like Miley Cyrus. I think she’s hilarious in the way that I expect a Sagittarius performer to be hilarious. She reminds me of a young Bette Midler, who shares her Sagittarius sun and moon in Scorpio. I once wrote a list of astrological icons for “The National Post” where I cited Bette Midler in “Divine […]

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Sean Young

November 20 is Sean Young’s birthday. Sean Young has an interesting natal chart. I’m not going to assume that the birth time provided on is correct because I have no idea where they get their information. Nevertheless, even without placing the planets in the houses, I can confirm that she has Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Sagittarius […]

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Megyn Kelly

November 18 is Megyn Kelly’s birthday. I really don’t know much about Megyn Kelly except that she seems to be everywhere this week because of the release of her new book. Without a birth time, there’s not a lot I can assume while looking at her natal chart. Her moon could be in Cancer or Leo, and her rising sign […]

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November 17 is RuPaul’s birthday. I once had the chance to interview RuPaul. I’m sort of a smart-ass (just in case you didn’t know), so when I interview celebrities I like to make it all about me. I not only set them up to make jokes about themselves, but also to draw attention to my own delusions of grandeur. Some […]

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Roberto Cavalli

November 15 is Roberto Cavalli’s birthday. There’s a common misconception in astrology that Scorpio is the “sexy” sign. While Scorpio is associated with the eighth house, and the eighth house is associated with sex, I don’t see a lot of Scorpions letting it all hang out. In fact, I see plenty dressed like Roberto Cavalli in the photo above. Head-to-toe black can […]

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Louise Brooks

November 14 is Louise Brooks’ birthday. I don’t know why a know-it-all like me didn’t realize that the two most famous bob-wearers of all time, Louise Brooks and Anna Wintour, share the same zodiac sign. In my new, nearly-finished book, I actually advise Scorpio women to choose a distinct hair style that people will associate with them. I know, right? Sometimes […]