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Birthday Stars 0


May 14 is Rob Gronkowski’s birthday. I don’t know that much about American football, but I know who Rob Gronkowski is. I’m not surprised to discover that he’s a Taurus […]

Birthday Stars 0


May 11 is Valentino Garavani’s birthday. Right before I went looking for Valentino Garavani’s natal chart, I made an assumption that he would have some planets in Aries because the […]

Birthday Stars 0

Linda Evangelista

May 10 is Linda Evangelista’s birthday. Linda Evangelista and I practically twins! Since our birthdays are very close together, we share most of our outer-planet placements. That probably explains our […]

A Soupcon of Je Ne Sais Quois 0


I didn’t blog yesterday. I went outside early because it was the first warm day we’ve had in a couple of weeks. I wanted to get my hands into the dirt because there is something about gardening that is therapeutic for me. I already feel better after a single session. I know a lot of other people who feel the […]