My name is Greg Polkosnik.

In 2000, I published my first book, “Cosmically Chic: Discovering Your Fashion Style through Astrology.” Soon afterwards, I found myself writing daily horoscopes for “Harper’s Bazaar” online. A stint at “Nylon” followed, and eventually I landed at “Teen Vogue.” At the same time, I was becoming a media fixture in my hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, appearing on television as a red carpet critic after award shows. Other gigs ensued, including an appearance at the High Point Market in North Carolina as a featured speaker where I turned my expertise on zodiac style to the art of home decor. I also put on a fashion show for the Mario Lemieux Celebrity Golf Invitational in Pittsburgh that raised over $25,000 for charity. A production company even created a television pilot around my shtick, shopping the show at the Banff World Media Festival to favorable feedback.

“Cosmically Chic” was featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers around the world. I collaborated with the editors of “Glamour” on a six-page spread. That led to a similar layout in the magazine’s UK edition. Serial rights were sold to magazines in the USA, Australia, Sweden and Turkey. “Astrologicamente Chic,” the Portuguese version of my book was sold in Brazil.

In October 2017, I published “Star Struck Style: Astrology, Fashion, Celebrities and You.”

As a part-time writer, I have sold various features to newspapers and magazines. My areas of expertise extend to fitness and gardening. With over thirty years experience as a group fitness trainer and almost a lifetime in the garden, I try to strike a balance between these seemingly disparate careers, but I typically find myself doing too much of everything. In my spare time, I enjoys promoting Capricorn supremacy, leading fitness classes, shopping online to augment my fabulous wardrobe, watching trashy reality shows and planning frequent trips to Las Vegas.

I am available for speaking engagements and freelance writing work. If you’re interested in contacting me, please use the comments link above. I will not publish any comments that are not direct responses to my blog posts. You can also reach me through my various social media accounts:

or email me at gregpolkosnik at gmail dot com.

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