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Month: July 2018

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Sara Sampaio

July 21 is Sara Sampaio’s birthday. Most people are familiar with Sara Sampaio because of her work for Victoria’s Secret and “Sports Illustrated.” I discovered that it was her birthday […]

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Angela Merkel

July 17 is Angela Merkel’s birthday. Yesterday morning, before the Helsinki Summit that will forever live in infamy, I called the President of the United States of America “the Manchurian […]

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Hugo Boss

July 8 is Hugo Boss’ birthday. Hugo Boss has been dead for almost seventy years. Even before he died, his affiliation with the Nazi Party of Germany became problematic enough […]

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Toni Garrn

July 7 is Toni Garrn’s birthday. Here’s something interesting that I discovered today. Of all the models that I’ve discussed in the past couple of weeks since the sun entered […]