Jennifer Lopez (source: Allure)

July 24 is Jennifer Lopez’s birthday.

Jennifer Lopez and I are a lot alike. We’re both multi-talented superstars who look incomprehensibly gorgeous for our age. I know, right?

But we don’t really have a lot in common in our natal charts — or at least I don’t believe that we do. Lopez is one of those celebrities who doesn’t have a birth time confirmed on Consequently, I don’t know her rising sign or her moon sign. The moon was at 29°18″ Scorpio at noon in the Bronx on the day she was born.

Still, I believe that she probably has a Sagittarius moon. I look at Sagittarius as the Jack-of-all-trades sign. Lopez has made a career doing almost everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ran for public office in the future, or if she quit show business to achieve her dream of becoming an astronaut. She’s good at everything, so why not?

That’s something I wouldn’t expect from someone with a Leo sun and a Scorpio moon. I imagine that a Scorpio moon would add an element of rigidity to her character. Obviously, she is a determined individual. However, she doesn’t really seem to be as focused (and/or obsessive) as someone with a Scorpio moon should be. I could see someone with Lopez’s ambition and that sun/moon configuration becoming a plastic surgeon or a mad scientist.

But I could be completely wrong. Without a birth time to determine the rising sign, I’m just speculating. Lucky for me, this is my blog and I can speculate all I want.

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