Stephanie Seymour (source: Huffington Post)

July 23 is Stephanie Seymour’s birthday.

Stephanie Seymour turns fifty today! I remember this “Vogue” cover from 1988 like it was yesterday. I remember purchasing it at the smoke shop right across from the restaurant where I was working at the time. I remember picking up the magazine from on top of the ice machine where I left during my shift just to get another look at that face. It’s interesting to me that the covers from this particular era of “Vogue” remain etched into my memory. I’m not sure why they had so much impact upon me.

But I digress! It’s Stephanie Seymour’s birthday, and I should be discussing Stephanie Seymour!

Just a moment ago, I pulled up the model’s chart on astrotheme.com. I wasn’t surprised to discover that she has a Leo rising because she has always done exactly what she has wanted to do. I wasn’t surprised to see that she has Jupiter in the first house, or that her part of fortune is within minutes of her natal sun. I was a little surprised, though, to see that she has the moon, Mercury and Mars all in Cancer.

It’s a unique chart. I suspect that she would still be a knockout even if she wasn’t born with one of the best bodies the world of modeling has ever seen. This is the horoscope of someone who knows how to use her feminine wiles to her advantage.

I don’t want to discredit her career accomplishments because she is a legend in the business, but she didn’t exactly sit back and let her accomplishments speak for themselves. Her history with older, richer married men is as well-known as her work in the fashion business.

I’m not trying to be judgmental. I’m just pointing out that Stephanie Seymour has both luck (the sun conjunct the part of fortune) and opportunity (Jupiter in the first house) as some of the most obvious hallmarks of her natal chart. It’s good for her that she has lived up to the potential of her horoscope.

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