Christopher Kane (source: The Business of Fashion)

July 26 is Christopher Kane’s birthday.

I like Christopher Kane a lot. I put him on a pedestal in “Star Struck Style” alongside Jonathan Anderson as one of the few designers who forces me to reconsider my own preconceptions about what fashion should be. He’s like a voice in the back of my head telling me to stop being such a prig.

He’s a Leo, of course, but I discuss him in the Aquarius chapter of my book because he’s so unique. There are a lot of Leo fashion designers out there, but they typically possess a much different modus operandi. For that reason, I suspected that Kane would have a very unusual natal chart. He doesn’t. It makes him even more of an enigma to me. I wish that I had his birth time to put everything into context because I really don’t know how to explain how the clothes he makes relate to the planets in his chart.

Kane has Mercury within about a degree-and-a-half away from his natal sun. Venus is in Cancer. The moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto are scattered through Libra (I can’t be sure where the moon lands, but it was sitting around 17° Libra at noon on the day he was born).

There’s nothing else really notable about his horoscope. If I was blindly looking at a chart like this, not sure of the individual for whom it was cast, I would expect it to belong to someone like Oscar de la Renta or even Yves Saint Laurent. It’s the chart of someone who has sophistication to spare. Yet that isn’t exactly the market that Christopher Kane courts with his designs. He’s so much weirder than that.

Of course, an exact time of birth could solve this puzzle for me. I should reach out to the designer on Instagram since he appears to manage his own account. I’d like to figure him out. At the moment, he makes me second guess many of my assumptions about astrology. He challenges me, and I kind of like it.

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