Canadian PM Trudeau, German Chancellor Merkel, U.S. President Trump and Italian PM Gentiloni pose for a family photo at the start of G7 Summit at Greek Theatre in Taormina
Merkel & Trump (source: Time)

July 17 is Angela Merkel’s birthday.

Yesterday morning, before the Helsinki Summit that will forever live in infamy, I called the President of the United States of America “the Manchurian Pumpkin” and “Benedict Donald” on this blog. For a moment, I thought I may have gone too far — I don’t want to have to defend myself against the sort of people who feel the need to support Trump on social media. I’m in control of the comments that appear on this blog, but it’s open season for the trolls on most of my other accounts. However, I didn’t have to deal with any negative comments directed toward me because everyone was too distracted by the comments of the President himself as he revealed his allegiances on live TV. I guess I got lucky.

Anyway, I noticed that today is Angela Merkel’s birthday, so I pulled up her chart. Her birth time on is listed as 6:00 PM on the nose, so I believe that it is an estimate. Because I can’t be sure of her rising sign, etc., I decided just to have a look at her natal planets.

I immediately noticed that she has a lot of planets in Cancer stuck on degrees that are also highlighted in Donald Trump’s chart. For instance, the sun and Uranus sit a degree apart in her chart around 23° Cancer. Venus and Saturn occupy almost the same spot in Trump’s chart. They also have Mercury only minutes apart in their charts, and Merkel has both Jupiter and her Part of Fortune in Cancer, as well.

Nevertheless, it was that particular degree in Cancer that caught my eye because that spot is highlighted in my own chart as my midheaven: 23°52″ Cancer. I don’t know why I invest so of my much time following international politics and the relationships between people like Merkel and Trump, but now I see a connection in our collective charts.

I keep telling myself that I need to step back from this shit, but then I get sucked back in. That happened yesterday, and despite my best efforts to back off, I basically chose the worst day of Trump’s reign to attempt to ignore him. What makes things even weirder is that I just looked up Vladimir Putin’s chart, and his Saturn is almost exactly conjunct my ascendant degree: 17°39″ Libra.

I don’t specialize in astrological synastry, so I’m at a loss to explain any of this. But it probably makes sense that I share these particular points with the people I am trying to avoid for the sake of my own sanity. For better or worse, that’s how connections work when you’re casting horoscopes. I wish that they didn’t work that way because I would like nothing more at the moment than to worry about my own problems.

Unfortunately, these people keep dragging me in. Damn you, astrology!

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