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Mariah Carey (source: YouTube)

The sun formed a conjunction with my midheaven just a few hours ago. Frankly, I could use a change of pace. Despite my best efforts to avoid the muck, I’ve been immersing myself in the swamp of American politics lately. Now I feel as if I can’t wash the stink off.

Maybe the transit of the sun through my tenth house will make me feel less radical and a little more practical. I need to focus on myself instead of worrying about what will become of Benedict Donald aka the Manchurian Pumpkin. Once again, I need to remind myself that I live in Canada, far from the maddening crowd of Trump supporters. I need to leave those ninth house concerns behind me.

I visited Cafe Astrology to check if my analysis of the ingress was any different than the conventional interpretation. One thing I read there grabbed my attention:

“The focus is on personal integrity and honor, standing for something, being known for who you are. Whoever is your personal star or hero figures into all of this as well, because you need a guiding light and something to shoot for.”

I don’t know if I have a hero. Of course, there’s Mariah Carey (whose photos seem to illustrate a disproportionate amount of posts on my blog), but she’s an Aries so I just can’t get behind calling her “my hero.” But maybe I should just take her advice and understand that a hero lies in me. I already know that I’m an inspiration to you all, so perhaps it’s time to inspire myself with all my heroics.

Yes, I believe that’s what I need to do. Mariah Carey and the universe have both spoken. I would be a fool to not take their advice.

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