Priyanka Chopra (source: Us Magazine)

July 18 is Priyanka Chopra’s birthday.

I try not to lecture other astrologers about how to do their jobs. Five minutes on Twitter taught me that lesson. The passive/aggressive conduct of my fellow stargazers can be shameful at times. Why argue with civility when you can be a prick on social media who can make a rude comment and then run away?

Anyway, I’m going to take a moment here to discuss why computer programs created by astrologers don’t always do the best job of interpreting natal charts. I just looked up Priyanka Chopra’s chart on and quickly read through a few of the sections, including one that claims Pluto is the dominant planet in her chart. I suppose that the program came to that conclusion because the actress has Scorpio rising and Pluto rules over Scorpio. However, Pluto is in Libra and the twelfth house in her chart: not a particularly strong position in the opinion of this astrologer.

However, Chopra’s moon is in Gemini in mutual reception to Mercury in Cancer. To me, that’s the hallmark of her natal chart. And yet the program that chose Pluto as the dominant planet also placed Saturn and the sun higher on the list of importance.

That just proves to me that you all need to have a good astrologer look at your chart to figure out what you should be paying more attention to and what you should be dismissing as insignificant. Sure, the ruler of the ascendant is important in anyone’s chart, but priorities need to be established on a case-by-case basis with every chart an astrologer examines.

Now for my next lecture . . .

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