VANITY FAIR OSCAR PARTY: 2016, Beverly Hills, CA - 28 Feb 2016
Julie Chen & Les Moonves (source: Variety)

I was expecting some startling revelations during yesterday’s eclipse, but one news story seemed to “eclipse” the others.

CBS CEO Les Moonves was accused of sexual misconduct in a story in “The New Yorker” by Ronan Farrow. The allegations go back decades.

I don’t know much about Moonves and I haven’t read the story, but I am a big fan of Moonves’ wife, Julie Chen. She shares my birthday and a few of my personality traits. I consider her one of my astro twins.

So I pulled up her natal chart just to see if she has any planets in her horoscope that would have been affected by yesterday’s eclipse. She does!

Chen has a natal opposition of Jupiter at 3°04″ Scorpio and Saturn at 2°04″ Taurus. The eclipse (including the moon’s conjunction with Mars at 3°58″ Aquarius) was at 4°45″ Leo/Aquarius.

I like to see tight orbs (within a couple of degrees) and major aspects when I’m attempting to predict how something like this will affect an individual. Everything here was close enough for me to suspect that something bad was going to happen to Julie Chen. If we were friends and I was looking at her chart, I would have said “Watch out! A grand cross formed by a lunar eclipse isn’t something you see every day.” To add insult to injury, Uranus was also in the mix, sitting on top of Chen’s natal Saturn.

Of course, this is all easy to see in retrospect. I did reach out to a couple of friends with charts that are familiar to me. I suppose that I should check in and see how they fared yesterday. I can’t imagine that any of them had a worse day than Julie Chen.

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