Winnie Harlow (source: Self)

July 27 is Winnie Harlow’s birthday.

Winnie Harlow is probably the second most-successful contestant to ever compete on “America’s Next Top Model” without winning the actual title. I’m speculating here, but only Leila Goldkuhl has had a more high-profile post-ANTM modeling career.

Nevertheless, I believe more people know who Winnie Harlow is because she knows how to find the spotlight — just like a Leo superstar should. On the other hand, Goldkuhl is a Capricorn. She works hard for her money and doesn’t seem as desperate for attention as many ANTM contestants. At the moment, her modeling career is on hiatus because she just had a baby, but her imminent comeback seems like an inevitability.

Harlow’s chart reveals a more complex character than the girl we saw on ANTM. Unfortunately, I don’t have a time of birth for the model, but I suspect that she was born later in the day. If she was born before 8:00 AM, she has a Pisces moon. If she was born after that time, she has an Aries moon.

I’ll go with the odds and predict that her natal moon is in Aries. The big problem with her performance on “Top Model” was that she believed that her looks would take her places that her undeveloped talent wouldn’t — a typical “cart before the horse” scenario that speaks of fire-sign enthusiasm. That strategy backfired and she was eliminated from the show twice, just like Leila Goldkuhl.

Her post-show strategy was quite different. She banked upon her personality and unique appearance to capitalize upon her ANTM debut. In that respect, she behaved much like a Leo. Whereas Leila Goldkuhl became the real deal in modeling, Harlow became famous for being famous. Along the way, she also learned how to be a genuine fashion model.

I’m glad that she is doing well and I’m even happier that she picked up the skills to justify her success. She really is one the most beautiful girls ever to appear on “America’s Next Top Model.” I was rooting for her. We were all rooting for her.

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