Tim Gunn (source: E!)

July 29 is Tim Gunn’s birthday.

I like Tim Gunn a lot. I typically like Leos until I have to make them see something from a point of view different from their own. That’s when they become monsters.

I’m not kidding. I sometimes forget that Leo is a fixed sign because I know so many easygoing Leo individuals that are so much fun to be around. But when I get into arguments with them, it’s like talking to a f***ing wall.

I don’t know if Tim Gunn is any different, although I suspect that he is. His horoscope reveals a character that is not all that fixed and not all that fiery. He has the moon in Pisces and a very close conjunction of Mercury and Mars in the final degree of Cancer. He also has both Venus and Jupiter in Gemini and a very close conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Libra.

Still, the sun is in its ruling sign, so I cannot dismiss his Leonine nature. But I do understand his thoughtful, measured delivery as a mentor on “Project Runway” and his visceral responses to the designs of the contestants on the show. He demonstrates the perfect combination of intellect and intuition as he evaluates a work-in-progress.

I wish that I knew his time of birth because it would be interesting to put his planets into the houses to see what makes him tick. For now, though, I’m glad to say that I didn’t see anything that surprised me in his chart. He’s a little regal, a little defensive, and quite cerebral. It was all there for me to see — with or without a birth time.

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