Valentine’s Day Candy (source: Time)

I was just looking ahead at my chart for the upcoming month, and I’m already excited about what February has in store for me!

For much of February, Venus and Mars will be traveling in tandem. Venus just went stationary, so until it picks up speed, it’s going to be moving at a much slower pace than it normally does. That means that the conjunction between Venus and Mars will literally last for more than three weeks. On Valentine’s Day, they’ll conjoin my natal sun in Capricorn almost simultaneously. A couple of days later, transiting Saturn (the ruler of my Capricorn sun) will form a trine with my Libra ascendant (an aspect that will recur in autumn when Saturn stations at the end of its annual retrograde cycle).

It should be a terrific time to be me! I hope it is. I’m feeling really good about myself lately. My health is terrific. I’ve been managing my compulsive shopping disorder. I’ve got some holidays booked at work. I feel as if I have a lot to look forward to in 2022. Late February is typically a time of year that I feel invigorated by the difference in the quality of the sunlight that shines through my windows: the angle of the sun in the sky really makes a difference when you live in a northern latitude. So to have all these good things happening in my horoscope at the same time makes me confident that I’m going to have a good month.

The one thing that would really make me happy is to see the aforementioned Saturn aspect play out in my professional sector. “Astrodienst” describes the aspect as follows:

“During this period of time you will establish yourself with respect to the rest of the world. People will come to know who you are and what you are doing. At the same time this influence indicates that you have reached a point of equilibrium at which your actions and behavior toward others are reliable and consistent. You will not feel like surprising people with sudden or unpredictable actions, nor will you want others to surprise you. Your whole objective is to reach the point where all your affairs are running smoothly and on schedule. Your approach is disciplined, well ordered and mature.

About the only problem with this influence is that you find it difficult to make changes conservatively. And if that response is inappropriate to the situation, you will have difficulty. You are not very flexible, but that is not usually a great problem.

At this time in your life, you are very concerned with gaining experience, particularly in your profession. You are likely to be ambitious and will work hard to get ahead and improve yourself. You will seek out people who can help you, and probably you will make very sure that you want to be fair and just, you don’t want to be in debt to anyone. This is a time when self-sufficiency is very important to you.

This is reflected in your relationships also. You are somewhat more reserved than usual and cautious about forming new relationships. Usually this is to the good, although if you are too cautious you may overlook persons who could assist you. Older, more experienced people attract you especially, because you know you can learn from them. A person who will play a very important role as your teacher may come into your life at this time. But don’t expect him or her to necessarily conform to your preconceived image of a teacher. He or she may come from any area of your life, and you may not recognize what has happened until later.”

While I have already discussed this particular aspect on this blog, I didn’t realize that it would be blending with another major transit. One week after Valentine’s Day, Jupiter conjoins my natal Saturn. The same site mentioned above offers this interpretation of the aspect:

“During this time you will confront your own inhibitions and self-restrictions, as well as the restrictions placed upon you by circumstances. You may wish to break free of them in order to enlarge your scope of activity, so you can go to places and do things that you have never been able to do before. On the other hand, you may choose to grow within the structure of restriction in your life, using that very structure to enlarge your life. It can go either way, depending very much upon your temperament. And neither way is better as a general rule. It depends entirely on what is appropriate in terms of your own life.

If you respond by trying to break free, you will begin to feel very restless. Events and circumstances will make it clear that you have neglected much that must be done, and the structures of your life that have held you back will seem intolerable. You can no longer accept barriers such as responsibilities that you have put up with for years, onerous duties or perhaps a built-in fear of breaking away from the established order. Consequently, if you react in this way, this is often a time of breaking away and leaping out into a new freedom. This is often accompanied by a change of job or residence or the breakup of relationships. And however catastrophic these changes seem to others, they are usually quite fortunate and allow everything to work out for the best.

If you respond in the second manner, you will also seek to expand your life and find new freedom, but for a variety of reasons you will not overthrow the structures of your life in order to do so. Instead you will seize every opportunity to build new structures and expand the already existing order. For example, if you are in business, you might use this time to expand in a careful and cautious way. You will not overextend yourself, and whatever you build up now, either in yourself or in the outer world, will be lasting.

That all sounds terrific to me. And to have the support of Venus’ conjunction with Mars while these more-uncommon alignments are influencing me makes me even more optimistic about what my future holds. I just hope it’s something! Sometimes I get too worked up over Jupiter’s transits. If there is one thing I’ve learned about the gaseous giant it’s that many of the promises it makes are full of hot air. However, with Saturn involved this time, I really believe that this February is going to be my month.

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