Gut (source: The Times)

The new moon in Aquarius arrives late this evening in my fourth house, smack dab in between my natal Venus and Mars conjunction.

With Venus and Mars conjoined in my horoscope, I run across far too many interpretations of astrological events that discuss the planets almost entirely in terms of sexuality and interpersonal relationships. Poking around the internet this morning, I did come across one passage that mentioned how the new moon in the fourth house can usher in a period where an individual can learn to “trust their gut.”

Curiously, I’ve published a couple of posts over the last week where I have discussed following my instincts and allowing myself to act upon my impulses. That makes a lot of sense to me because I believe that the fourth house is a rather primal place where instinct reigns supreme. The house is associate with the sign of Cancer and the concept of motherhood, after all, and there is nothing more fascinating to me than the maternal instinct. I watched a cow give birth on a TV show yesterday, and once again I was amazed that an animal just knows what to do when another creature emerges from its back end.

So, what I’m going to try to glean from this upcoming new moon and its fortuitous placement in my horoscope is that I am in a place where trusting my gut is going to take me somewhere soon. Right now, I need to trust my instincts, as odd as they may seem to me on a rational level. The idea that this new moon is occurring in the sign of Aquarius where travelling off the beaten path is de rigueur only strengthens my resolve.

Yesterday, I published a post entitled “February is My Month.” I’m even more confident that I’m moving in the right direction with the energy of the new moon kicking off this phase of my life.

Now if I could only do something to make my gut look more like the gut of the guy in the photo above. Maybe next month . . .

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