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January 18 is Cary Grant’s birthday.

Cary Grant is my favorite movie star of all time. I could watch “North by Northwest” a hundred times over and still not get sick of it. And don’t get me started about the rest of his films because I could go on all day long . . .

Anyway, Cary Grant has a third house sun and a third house Mercury. So does the other celebrity I worship: Joan Rivers. Unsurprisingly, I have the same configuration. I see many of the qualities I admire in myself reflected in the two of them, especially in the way I use words. I never pass up the opportunity to be a smart ass.

I had a look at Cary Grant’s natal chart and discovered that we have a few more things in common. We share our third-house Capricorn suns, a third-house Mercury (although his is in Capricorn and mine is in Sagittarius), a fourth-house Mars in Aquarius and a Libra ascendant. The biggest difference in our charts is reflected in our moon signs. Cary Grant was born just after the new moon with his natal moon in Aquarius sitting very close to the IC in his third house. I was born just before the full moon with my natal moon in Cancer in the ninth house, not far from my midheaven.

Other than that, we’re practically twins! I’m kidding, of course. I wish that we were twins, though. My elevated Cancer moon makes me wax nostalgic for the days of Cary Grant where smoking cigarettes and drinking martinis for lunch was considered to be the way that sophisticated people behaved. Sure, a healthy lifestyle does have its own rewards, but sometimes I long for the days when I didn’t really care so deeply about my physical well-being.

That makes me wonder if a third-house moon placement can result in a somewhat reckless character regarding things like smoking, drinking and drugs. I see the third house as a place where people behave like teenagers, and I appreciate how its influence can make my sense of humor seem quite juvenile at times with both my sun and Mercury residing in that part of my chart. But the moon in that sector would behave quite differently, affecting instinct and impulse control more than rational thought. A third-house moon could result in a character who feels the need to mute their emotional responses in order to cope, lest they be perceived as fickle and over-emotional. Perhaps a third-house moon is the reason that Cary Grant experimented with LSD, looking for peace of mind that he couldn’t find elsewhere.

It’s an interesting theory and something I should look into . . .

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