Kid Rock (source: ABC News)

January 17 is Kid Rock’s birthday.

I make a point of discussing the shittiest Capricorns on this blog just because I can’t be a cheerleader for my own squad without acknowledging the fact that there are many individuals who wouldn’t make the cut if I were the captain of the team.

Kid Rock is one of those Capricorns. He is a steaming pile of red, white and blue shit: a Trump-supporting, Oprah-hating drunk who represents everything ugly about America.

I was happy to pull up his natal chart to see that we have absolutely nothing in common besides our Capricorn suns and Pluto in Virgo (a position shared by everyone born between 1956 and 1971).

I honestly don’t mind putting that sentiment out into the world because I am so disgusted by an America that would support Donald Trump in any capacity. Just before I came here to compose a daily post, I retweeted a comment by author Tony Schwartz on Twitter that read “The unwillingness of Republicans to convict Trump of the crimes he has committed is a reflection of the worst problem in America: total self-interest at the expense of the greater good.”

Growing up in Canada, I knew that America existed because I worked in a tourist trap when I was younger where the ugliest American visitors would figuratively waddle up to the buffet and complain about the food in Canada while filling up a second plate. Sure, I also knew that there were plenty of horrible people in Canada, too, but they were the exception to the rule.

I believe that Canadians still believe in the greater good. For that reason, I would take a Capricorn like Justin Trudeau (with whom I share a lot astrologically) over a Capricorn like Kid Rock any day. Although I want to have something in common with Americans, just like I want to have something in common with my fellow Capricorns, I have to admit that I am starting to believe that the “total self-interest” of many Americans is making me indifferent to their plight. I’m starting to believe that they have the President they deserve.

We’ll see what happens over the next few months, but I’m not optimistic for their future. I have high hopes for Kid Rock, though. If things keep going in the direction they’ve been going, he’s going to be the Director of Homeland Security or something like that by the end of the year . . .

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