My post from last year was especially prescient . . .

Star Struck Style

GTY_kid_rock_ml_160426_16x9_992Kid Rock (source: ABC News)

January 17 is Kid Rock’s birthday.

I make a point of discussing the shittiest Capricorns on this blog just because I can’t be a cheerleader for my own squad without acknowledging the fact that there are many individuals who wouldn’t make the cut if I were captain of the team.

Kid Rock is one of those Capricorns. He is a steaming pile of red, white and blue shit: a Trump-supporting, Oprah-hating drunk who represents everything ugly about America.

I was happy to pull up his natal chart to see that we have absolutely nothing in common besides our Capricorn suns and Pluto in Virgo (a position shared by everyone born between 1956 and 1971).

I honestly don’t mind putting that sentiment out into the world because I am so disgusted by an America that would support Donald Trump in any capacity. Just before I…

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