Biden & Harris (source: BBC News)

Mars forms a conjunction with Uranus this Thursday — otherwise known as “Inauguration Day.”

This aspect occurs every couple of years. It has the potential to linger on, but with Mars picking up speed after its recent retrograde cycle, this cosmic event is going be over as soon as it started.

However, that is no reason to let your guard down. With the moon transiting the same place in the sky Thursday evening, the potential for abrupt, irrational outbursts is in the air. If I were an American, I’d avoid the sort of public places that the MAGA terror cells are likely to target. Those people are nuts, and this aspect is going to make them feel like they have something to defend. Of course, what they’re defending is the lie that the election their candidate lost was rigged.

On a personal level, this conjunction can be troublesome for anyone with points or planets at or around 6°44″ in the fixed signs. For me, it occurs in my seventh house, but in a place where it doesn’t form harsh aspects with my natal planets. I’m going to be careful to keep my mouth shut on that day so that I don’t burn any bridges by being a passive/aggressive prick, but otherwise I should make it through the day unscathed.

Have a look at your own chart and see if you have any personalized planets or points that might be affected by this relatively uncommon alignment. If you do, be sure not to overreact to events that make you feel threatened on Thursday. Tuning out the noise can help, whether that means turning off the cable news channels and avoiding the Inauguration altogether, or drinking a bottle of wine in the bathtub. Or why not do both? There is something to celebrate, after all . . .

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