Star Struck Style

150812151736-dolly-parton-warhol-polaroids-tease-super-teaseDolly Parton (source: CNN)

January 19 is Dolly Parton’s birthday.

Dolly Parton has what we astrologers call a “difficult” chart. Jupiter in the second house is almost exactly square Venus in the fifth. That aspect could indicate an individual who has problems with extravagant spending and/or an inflated sense of self-importance manifested through overindulgence. Mars and Saturn are nearly exactly conjunct in the eleventh house. That aspect could indicate someone with poor timing who allows the opinions of others to frustrate their plans and delay their success. What’s more, both “malefic” planets are retrograde and Saturn is in its detriment. It isn’t a configuration that I would expect to see in someone who has spent a lifetime in front of an adoring audience.

However, as I often say on this blog, sometimes the people with the most difficult charts have the greatest achievements. A quick search of celebrities with…

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