Donald Trump (source: CNN)

The sun moves into Aquarius today. Later this evening, it will conjoin the point in the zodiac where the Great Conjunction occurred in December, shedding light on the promise that this new twenty-year cycle holds for all of us.

Of course, that’s not the only fortunate thing that is about to happen over the next several hours. Tomorrow morning, Donald Trump’s permanent vacation begins! Maybe he’ll finally be able to get in some “me” time.

I’m looking forward to not complaining about the man and his brain-dead followers in every second post on this blog. I’m also looking forward to Venus conjoining my natal sun tomorrow. It’s a great day to celebrate! I really should buy a bottle of champagne while I’m out this afternoon.

It is worth noting that Saturn made its initial move into my fourth house last year around this time. While it did slip back into my third house temporarily during its retrograde cycle, it has now taken up residence in that part of my chart along with a bunch of other planets. When it first moved there, I published a post where I resolved to take a step back in order to be prepared for when the time came to move forward. I suppose that I accomplished that goal with the help of COVID-19. Although I’m not exactly sure that it’s time to move forward just yet, I am starting to truly believe that my embrace of insularity will ultimately be productive. Physically, I’m doing great; I’m already feeling as if my batteries have been recharged. With Trump’s fat ass taking up less real estate in my mind, maybe I’ll start feeling at the top of my form both mentally and spiritually, too.

It’s the end of an era. That also means that it’s the beginning of a new one. Here’s to a future where I don’t have to give a fuck about what Donald Trump is going to do next! The Age of Aquarius is here!

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