Star Struck Style

A44Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle (source: Thorvaldsen’s Museum)

I used to believe that I had fairly controversial opinions regarding the sign of Aquarius. However, the more I talk with other astrologers, the more I realize that most of us non-Aquarians share a similar view of the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It’s the Aquarius natives themselves (especially the Aquarius astrologers) who disseminate all the incorrect information regarding their sign. I think that they want to believe that they are a little more enlightened than they actually are. Just because you tell yourself that you occupy a higher plane of existence, that doesn’t make it true.

I’ve come to believe that many Aquarius individuals are contrary by nature. If you say up, they say down. I explore this topic quite extensively in the Aquarius chapter of “Star Struck Style.” Click the link above to buy yourself a copy. You won’t be…

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