Ganymede with Jupiter’s Eagle (source: Thorvaldsen’s Museum)

I used to believe that I had fairly controversial opinions regarding the sign of Aquarius. However, the more I talk with other astrologers, the more I realize that most of us non-Aquarians share a similar view of the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It’s the Aquarius natives themselves (especially the Aquarius astrologers) who disseminate all the incorrect information regarding their sign. I think that they want to believe that they are a little more enlightened than they actually are. Just because you tell yourself that you occupy a higher plane of existence, that doesn’t make it true.

I’ve come to believe that many Aquarius individuals are contrary by nature. If you say up, they say down. I explore this topic quite extensively in the Aquarius chapter of “Star Struck Style.” Click the link above to buy yourself a copy. You won’t be sorry.

Anyway, “the water bearer” constellation known as Aquarius is related to the myth of Ganymede. There are two versions of the myth of Ganymede. One claims that Ganymede charitably gave the people of earth the water of the gods to help them. The other claims that he poured out the water of the gods during a hissy fit.

It is my belief that both of these myths provide insight into the sign of Aquarius. Again, I discuss this topic quite thoroughly in my book, so I’m not going to give it away here for free. Instead, I’m going to discuss the astrological month ahead.

The sun’s ingress into Aquarius gives us a few things to look forward to, including a new eclipse cycle. Capricorn seriousness doesn’t necessarily give way to “harmony and understanding” like in the song, “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In,” but it does make us feel somewhat more connected to society as a whole. Yet there is an odd sense of detachment that defines this zodiac sign. We want to be more than just a face in the crowd when the sun is in Aquarius, and yet we place a higher premium on the opinion of the crowd. It’s weird.

Aquarius is related to electronics, and I relate it to social media (along with many other astrologers). So I’ve come up with an allusion — a modern retelling of the Ganymede myth — that will hopefully shed some light upon the sign. Picture Ganymede as a Twitter user whose sense of self-worth hinges upon how many followers he accumulates and how many people retweet his tweets. And then imagine that he discovers that 80% of his followers are Russian bots and that he really isn’t as popular as he believed he was. Finally, picture this guy throwing a fit and quitting Twitter altogether to make a point rather than accepting that the world he lived in wasn’t exactly what he thought it was.

To me, that’s the Aquarius experience in a nutshell. Again, there’s a lot more to it, but I’ve got a whole month ahead of me to make my point. You’ll just have to wait for more of my brilliant insights. Whatever you do, don’t get mad at me and stop reading my blog because you don’t like what I have to say about your sign because that would just prove my point, right? Right?

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