Star Struck Style

Cigarette HolderCary Grant (source:

January 18 is Cary Grant’s birthday.

Cary Grant is my favorite movie star of all time. I could watch “North by Northwest” a hundred times over and still not get sick of it. And don’t get me started about the rest of his films because I could go on all day long . . .

Anyway, Cary Grant has a third house sun and a third house Mercury. So does the other celebrity I worship: Joan Rivers. Unsurprisingly, I have the same configuration. I see many of the qualities I admire in myself reflected in the two of them, especially in the way I use words. I never pass up the opportunity to be a smart ass.

I had a look at Cary Grant’s natal chart and discovered that we have a few more things in common. We share our third-house Capricorn suns, a third-house…

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