I was sad to hear that this legend of the fashion business passed away. I once blogged about him on his birthday.

Star Struck Style

GettyImages-605847300Melania Trump & André Leon Talley (source: Teen Vogue)

October 16 is André Leon Talley’s birthday.

I just came across this article on the “Teen Vogue” website (click the link above) where André Leon Talley explains why he won’t dress Melania Trump:

“Prior to the election, Andre accompanied Melania to find her wedding gown for a story with Vogue. After the feature, they developed a friendship, and Andre even attended her wedding. Andre Leon Talley was a firm supporter of Hillary Clinton during the election, but given his history with Melania, he sent well wishes to the soon-to-be First Lady once Donald Trump was elected. His gesture didn’t sit well among his family and friends in the fashion industry, he tells The New York Times.

Melania Trump continues to be a polarizing topic in the fashion industry. On one hand, many designers like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and Sophie…

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