Melania Trump & André Leon Talley (source: Teen Vogue)

October 16 is André Leon Talley’s birthday.

I just came across this article on the “Teen Vogue” website (click the link above) where André Leon Talley explains why he won’t dress Melania Trump:

“Prior to the election, Andre accompanied Melania to find her wedding gown for a story with Vogue. After the feature, they developed a friendship, and Andre even attended her wedding. Andre Leon Talley was a firm supporter of Hillary Clinton during the election, but given his history with Melania, he sent well wishes to the soon-to-be First Lady once Donald Trump was elected. His gesture didn’t sit well among his family and friends in the fashion industry, he tells The New York Times.

Melania Trump continues to be a polarizing topic in the fashion industry. On one hand, many designers like Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and Sophie Theallet outright refuse to dress the new First Lady, while others like Tommy Hilfiger would welcome the opportunity. Andre Leon Talley’s relationship to the incoming administration, and Melania Trump specifically, is a tad more complicated.”

Wow! I love what “Teen Vogue” has become. Fight the power! Why wasn’t it like that while I was working there?

Anyway, André Leon Talley has the chart I would expect him to have. He has both the sun and Mercury in Libra. His natal Venus is in open-minded Sagittarius. His moon and Mars are both in ostentatious Leo. There really are no surprises there. Even Jupiter is in status-conscious Capricorn and Saturn is in Virgo, the sign of critical acumen.

Of course, I have no time of birth for Talley and therefore no rising sign. If I had to guess, I’d probably give him an early Libra rising. That would put his sun in the first house, explaining his decision to make a career in the superficial world of fashion. His moon and Mars would end up in the eleventh house, explaining his connection to mass media, and his Venus would be in the second house, comfortable in the sector of his chart that is associated with luxury and possessions.

But where is the political part that would explain why he jumped ship on Melania Trump? I suppose that a strong Libra component would not only endow Talley with a sense of justice, but also with a preternatural ability to get on the right side of an argument. I also believe that Libra natives are easily swayed by popular opinion. Talley’s chart reveals a character who will draw a line in the sand when necessary. In this case, his Leo moon and Mars “trump” his Jupiter in Capricorn and his second-house Venus (if that is indeed where Venus resides).

Seeing his chart makes me like him a little more. I’ve always liked him, even when he was slumming as a judge on “America’s Next Top Model.” But his proximity to Melania Trump made me think less of him. There’s “slumming” and then there is “SLUMMING,” if you know what I mean . . .

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