Donuts (source: Forbes)

Wow, I have a lot going on in my chart all at once! Still, instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel quite content. I suppose that the reason is that I have just as many good things going on as bad things. I feel as if they are cancelling each other out, leaving me in this weird mood where everything is fine.

I counted half-a-dozen tense aspects as I scrolled through my personal daily horoscope. And not just the lunar aspects that happen day in and day out, but big things. The sun is square my midheaven today, for instance. That happens twice a year. Mercury is square my natal Mars. That is a rather infrequent aspect, too. But for every bad thing that’s going on, there’s something good occurring in my chart. Mars is conjunct my natal Venus tonight, for instance. Mercury is trine my natal Saturn, too.

It’s not that things like this never happen to me — that’s not what I’m trying to say. I just feel a little disconnected at the moment, as if I’m immune to it all. Maybe that’s what happens when you have the sun, Mercury and Venus all in your first house at the same time. I’m looking at the six bad aspects the same way that I’m looking at the six good aspects: I’m shrugging my shoulders and going about my business like it’s any other day.

I guess that first-house transits should affect your own “power” over these events, but I’m still surprised by how they affect my ability to feel powerful even when the events around me are telling me that it might be a good time to lock my doors and never leave my house again. My confidence in my ability to rise above the fray is at an all-time high.

I’m going to get a box of donuts to celebrate . . .

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