Mercury by Nick Gaetano (source: ArtStack)

I keep coming across the most incredible artwork while I’m searching for images to illustrate my posts. I’m going to have to start purchasing some of these prints to decorate the part of my house that I call my “office.” It would be inspiring to be surrounded by such beauty. Either that or I can hang up a few more mirrors . . .

Anyway, Mercury enters my second house for a very long stay this afternoon. Right now, Venus is in my first house. Previously, I published a post describing how Venus’ current retrograde phase took it right up to the cusp of my second house before it turned back. It’s spending a long, long time in that part of my chart. The same thing is going to happen to Mercury because it turns retrograde just a couple of degrees from my third house cusp. A planet that normally speeds through my chart is going to be in a single house for a total of ten weeks.

Cafe Astrology offers this explanation of what is supposed to happen during this transit:

This is a strong period for analyzing your cash flow, income, and earning power. You are more practical and rational in your approach to finances now. With your conscious mind focused on money and possessions, as well as personal values, this can be a strong period for gathering new money-making ideas. Alternatively, it could be a time when you tend to fret over your finances. Conversations tend to be practical rather than frivolous now. Financial gain may come through communications.

Since I’ve resolved to hang out at my current job through the holiday season, this all seems like it’s been predestined. I’m saving money to go to Las Vegas in March. I’m trying not to buy everything I see (although I did purchase some heavily-discounted underwear on the Saks website the other day). I’m preparing to look in a new direction in the new year. I’ve been telling myself that since I got this job in April. I had no idea that this Mercury transit was on the horizon. Nevertheless, it fits the plan I had for myself. Weird, huh?

What’s even weirder is that I’ve been considering a couple of ideas for new writing projects, but I haven’t got anything on the go just yet. Winter is typically the time I dive right into projects like that. With Mercury in my third house after Christmas, I should be right on schedule to give tangible form to my ideas. It’s how I work. It’s how I wrote my first book and how I wrote my second book. Where I live, it’s much easier to take on creative projects indoors when it’s too cold to go outside. Of course, both the sun and Mercury transit my third and fourth house at that time of year. Writing and working from home in winter are in the stars for someone with my chart.

So that’s a plan. In the meantime, I need to focus on hanging onto my money. It would help if you all took a collection and sent me a few bucks. The universe is telling you that you should. Listen to your astrologer . . .

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