Sylvia Browne (source: Simon & Schuster)

October 19 is Sylvia Browne’s birthday.

I should have something in common with Sylvia Browne: we both put our names on the line by making predictions. However, I don’t claim to be a psychic medium. Astrology is a different animal altogether. Still, I admire the career the author built for herself. She became her own cottage industry and inspired me to try to do the same thing.

Browne has a unique natal chart, although her time of birth is listed at 2:00 PM on the nose on A birth time on the hour is always a red flag to someone like me who likes to know the history of that number. Did her mother tell her what time she was born? Was it written down, or was it cited from memory? It’s suspicious.

Nevertheless, that birth time puts her natal Venus in detriment in Scorpio but conjunct her midheaven almost exactly from the tenth house. Her time of birth only needs to be a few minutes off for the house placement of Venus to change. Still, I believe it’s correct.

With a tenth house Venus elevated by position and a tenth house Sagittarius moon, combined with both the sun and Mercury in Libra in the eighth house, I can see Sylvia Browne’s career trajectory taking her where it did. That time of birth also places her Part of Fortune in the second house in Pisces (a placement that makes sense to me, too, considering her success in her chosen profession). A slightly different time of birth would affect the Part of Fortune just as it would affect the midheaven. The positions indicated by a 2:00 PM birth time seem legitimate to me.

I know that I complain about estimated birth times quite often, but the odds are that one-in-sixty people are born exactly on the hour. It happens. It’s too bad that I can’t ask Sylvia Browne where she got the number. Or can I? Perhaps she’ll appear to me in a vision if I put that out into the universe . . .

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