MENSA Membership

Here is an actual photo of my MENSA membership card from 1989. I got it by attending a proctored MENSA tryout that included a few different tests. Back in those days, you didn’t learn your IQ score by taking a Facebook quiz that posted phony results while simultaneously installing spyware on your computer.

Anyway, I’m feeling especially smart today after spending the last few minutes scrolling through Facebook and Twitter. How could I not feel smart when there are so many stupid people in the world posting such stupid shit? Intelligence quotient aside, don’t most people use devices that correct their spelling and grammar automatically? I just read a post where someone spelled “since” as “scence.”

But I digress! I was wondering if there is something going on in my chart that is inflating my ego and making me feel as my IQ is 7100 (a number clearly indicated on my membership card). However, I can’t really find anything. Transiting Mars is sextile my natal Mars today and that is obviously making me feel mischievous, but otherwise I can’t see anything that would make me more braggadocious than usual.

There is something else going on, though. Saturn is almost exactly conjunct my IC. It moves into my fourth house in about a day from now. I look at the fourth house as a place where people become more insular, so perhaps I’m preparing to enter a period of self-imposed exile. The sun and Mercury have already entered that part of my chart, giving me a preview of this upcoming Saturn ingress. Maybe I’m getting ready for three years on a metaphorical deserted island where I can escape from social media in general and the sort of people who use words like “scence.”

I hope so! Something is telling me that getting away from it all is the smart thing to do . . .

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