Shakira (source: People)

February 2 is Shakira’s birthday.

I have a strange, superficial fascination with both Shakira and Groundhog Day; I think that they’re both quite hilarious. It just dawned on me that there is probably an astrological reason why I like them.

Shakira’s natal sun is about ten minutes away from forming an exact conjunction with my natal Venus. Groundhog Day occurs on a day that the sun typically conjoins my natal Venus, too. That may explain why I like them from an astrological perspective, but I feel as if I need to elaborate on this topic so that people don’t start to believe that I’ve lost my mind.

I only have a couple of Shakira songs on my iPod. I use them the fitness classes that I lead at the gym. Her most-memorable hit, “Hips Don’t Lie,” is not one of the songs I’ve purchased for that purpose. But I do like the song, and for a very unusual reason. I was once at the casino with my sister and the track came on over the loudspeakers. I said to my sister, “Hey, it’s your lucky song!” Moments later, she won $700. I know it sounds goofy, but every time I hear the song now, I think that the universe is telling me that something good is about to happen. It’s funny that I didn’t realize until now that there’s an astrological connection between Shakira and me.

Groundhog Day also makes me feel good. I hate most holidays because I don’t like the ceremonious bullshit that accompanies a lot of them. Groundhog Day is the one that asks the least from the people who choose to celebrate it. That’s why I love it. It also marks a time of the year when the quality of the light entering my windows begins to change. I can actually feel the rays of the sun getting warmer. That’s a big deal when you live in a northern latitude like I do.

Now this is probably not making a lot of sense, but bear with me. Venus rules over many superficial, not-so-serious things. With my Libra rising, I have a superficial, not-so-serious side to my personality that makes me adore those things. That’s probably why I am the astrologer I am: I really don’t take anything too seriously. As the sun conjoins Venus in my horoscope every year right around Groundhog Day, I truly lighten up. In the ten days after this conjunction occurs, the sun also forms trines with both my ascendant and my natal Jupiter. Those are also aspects that bring out my lighter side.

All this makes February an enjoyable month for me. My thoughts turn to things that aren’t deep at all, and I embrace the innate goofiness in my character that sometimes gets lost when winter just won’t go away.

Maybe next year on Shakira’s birthday, I’ll actually write something about Shakira. I actually thought about it when I decided to discuss her today, but has a warning on her chart that the birth info provided is not properly verified. For that reason, getting deep into her chart just isn’t in the stars right now . . .

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    I’m feeling lazy and decadent today with the sun conjoining my natal Venus. Later this week, Venus conjoins my natal sun, so I am expecting this trend to continue. So instead of blogging, I’m just going to take it easy. Enjoy this post from last year.


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