Cow (source: PETA)

The Year of the Cow arrives this morning in this part of the world. Although the ceremonial day that celebrates the Chinese New Year isn’t for a few more days this year, the actual new year in Chinese astrology occurs simultaneously with the arrival of the Tiger month. In the Western zodiac, that corresponds to when the sun is at exactly 15° Aquarius.

I gave up on Chinese astrology for the most part a while ago because I wasn’t really seeing a relationship between the daily cycles and what was going on in my life. The annual cycles seemed to be more effective at predicting what sort of year I was about to have, so I still visit a site called “Fortune Angel” occasionally to see what’s in my future. The prediction for the “Female Metal White Cow Year” based upon my date/time/place of birth is as follows (grammatical errors included):

“Female Metal is your Career star. Basically, this period is about power and challenge. Lots of pressure will come to you. If you can handle the challenge, then you might gain power and earn respect from people. If the pressure is too much for you, then you will be very busy, nervous, and worried over your position and get sick easily. The events in this year are related to position, power, changing, reform, risk, competition, accidence and law. Cow is your Money star. This is a period of money. You might get unexpected wealth and tend to spend more money in order to enjoy a more material life. The events in this year are related to money, trade, business, contribution, social appointment, food, risky business and erotic.

This is a good sign for your money luck. It looks like you found a way to manage your money. So you can save lots of it at the end of this year. you may get a promotion at your job, which will help you bring more income. If you spend too much money before, then someone will tell you how to manage your money. Your business will be taking off soon. So don’t despair if your earnings weren’t that good at the beginning of this year. If you think about protecting your money, then you may invest more during this cycle. At the end of this period, then, you’ll have the opportunity to get all your money and dividend back.”

I guess that sounds good. I barely made any money last year because of the pandemic. However, I do believe that my value to my employer went up during the brief time that I went back to work before the latest round of shutdowns began. When I do return, perhaps there will be an opportunity to move into another position as the structure of the organization adapts to whatever business model we are required to adopt. Or maybe I’ll just get another job altogether. In either case, I’ll be glad to get back to work. The notion of paying my bills appeals to me, as does the promise of “unexpected wealth.” My retirement plan has always been to win the lottery.

In the meantime, I’m going to go read up on the rituals that I’m supposed to perform next week during the new moon that celebrates the Chinese New Year. I might as well do whatever I’m supposed to do to ensure good fortune in the upcoming year. I’m not working at the moment, so it’s not as if I had other plans . . .

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