John D. Rockefeller (source: Smithsonian Magazine)

I just had a look at my progressed chart because I was wondering if anything interesting was going to happen to me in 2021. What I discovered is that my progressed sun begins to form a conjunction with my natal Saturn in August of this year.

That’s not a bad thing for someone like me. If sitting around on my ass far too much over the past couple of years has taught me anything, it’s that I’m not cut out to live the life of a retiree. I like to work, and I take great pride in a job well done. In that respect, I’m a Capricorn through and through.

However, I’m not really ambitious in the traditional sense of the word. While I love to have nice things, that speaks more to my innate decadence rather than a predisposition toward greed. I’m the kind of guy who wears cologne while I’m sitting around the house doing nothing. I live to wear beautiful clothes and I won’t tolerate anything that doesn’t feel good on me. I don’t tolerate disorder in my environment. I’m also a Libra rising personality through and through.

The progressed sun conjoining my natal Saturn should make me a little more ambitious for a couple of years, bringing out the Capricorn in me and maybe even muting the Libra rising side of my character slightly. Still, this conjunction occurs in my fifth house, so maybe I’ll find a way to merge the more business-like, Capricorn side of my nature with the superficial Libra part. I wouldn’t mind becoming somewhat more concerned with my own financial well-being, but I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my decadent nature just to have more money. I like who I am.

What’s interesting is that the only other big news in my progressed chart for the next couple of years is that my progressed Cancer moon conjoins my Cancer midheaven and enters my tenth house in spring of 2022. That also augurs a shift in my values that might make a big difference in my relationship to money. Will I care about it more? Will I stop spending every penny I make on things like Missoni socks and fancy Italian soap?

I hope not. I’ve always thought that I was smart enough to be a zillionaire, but I just don’t believe that I’m greedy enough to pursue that lifestyle. Nevertheless, my progressed chart is telling me to be ready to reevaluate my ambitions over the next several months. I’d be fool not pay attention to this big shift in my horoscope.

Changes are coming . . .

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  1. Reblogged this on Star Struck Style and commented:

    I published this post in February. Now that I’m experiencing this progression, I have to admit that it is quite boring. I hope that isn’t the theme to my life over the next couple of years. I need some excitement in my life.


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