Influencers in the Wild (source:

Here’s a photo from a layout called “Influencers in the Wild” on a website called “Hunger.” I follow a Twitter account of the same name that is always good for a laugh. I like to watch the antics of the chronically desperate.

Anyway, the reason that I’m thinking about fame-hungry people is that I have the sun conjoining my natal Venus tomorrow morning right before the moon conjoins my ascendant. My daily horoscope on interprets the first aspect as follows:

“The central issue today is self-expression through creativity and relationships. You will be assertive, but only in order to gain the attention of those whom you love or would like to love. You want people to pay attention to you, and you are willing to give love and attention in return. This is a good time to get out and socialize, to make new contacts and friendships. You will attract people today, because you put so much personal energy into being warm and friendly, and others are bound to respond to you. If you feel like having a party, this is a good day for it. This is usually a favorable influence for all kinds of financial activities, but you should be careful not to be extravagant or self-indulgent. You could easily fritter your money away on impulse purchases that don’t really mean that much to you.”

I was planning on going to the big mall by my house today just to walk around, but now that I’ve read my horoscope, I believe that I should wait until tomorrow. I’m really not old enough to be a mall-walker yet, but when you live in a climate like I do, having the largest mall in North America in your neighborhood is a blessing. It takes me more than an hour to make a lap of the two-floor building. It beats going outside and slipping around on snow-covered sidewalks and getting your face frozen off in sub-zero windchills.

It also can be a very social place to be. Maybe I’ll be able to find some people who want to pay attention to me, as my horoscope suggests. However, with the current COVID-19 restrictions still in place, I’ll have to settle for them admiring me from at least six-feet away.

This is just the first of many favorable aspects that occur in my chart throughout the month. I’m pretty happy that February is here because it really does draw a line between what should have been a terrible time of my life and what should be a terrific time. Astrologically, I’m in an entirely different place tomorrow once Mars finally vacates my seventh house. 2020 was rough, but if that’s as bad as my life is going to be, I can consider myself lucky.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I should start getting ready for tomorrow. I need to find something to wear that says “I’m desperate, but not that desperate” . . .

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