Mountain Goat (source: Newsweek)

Mercury backtracks into Capricorn tonight where it will join Venus, Mars and Pluto. This weekend, the moon crashes the party, as well.

Consequently, I feel quite “sturdy.” Yet something inside my head is telling me to not make any big moves. For instance, I saw a couple of job postings yesterday that were perfect for me, but until I know that the pandemic is actually over, I’m not sure how eager I am to return to the retail business. I may not make any money in my current profession, but I do have job security.

Anyway, I’m already feeling like a goat in anticipation of this extended “Capricorn season”: cautious, capable and sure-footed. If the opportunity comes to climb a new mountain, I’m going to take it. But I also need to trust my instincts. At the moment, my instincts are telling me to stay put for a couple more weeks.

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