Two Thumbs Up (source: Global News)

I’ve been complaining about having too many planets in my fourth house for a while. The aspects that transiting Saturn has formed to my natal fourth-house planets have been especially annoying for me because they have made me feel as if I’m on an island by myself. For an extrovert like me, that has not been a normal state of affairs.

However, there has been a positive side to this era of introspection I’ve been living through. I believe that I’ve been far more likely to seek validation from myself than to go searching for validation from others. In fact, I’ve started to see the concept of validation in an entirely new light.

Lately, every time I see someone posting “RT if you agree,” or any other similar plea for validation on Twitter, I’m immediately turned-off. The same thing happens when I stumble across a post on Facebook that is obviously an appeal for more “thumbs up.” Everyone seems so desperate to me.

There certainly was a time when I would have been the most-annoying person on social media, but that was when I had an actual project to promote. Without anything to sell, I feel as if selling myself online is sort of a futile venture. That doesn’t mean I don’t get excited when some celebrity likes one of my Tweets, but it does mean that my existence depends upon receiving that sort of validation.

Anyway, I do appreciate how having several planets in my fourth house over the past couple of years has made me less eager to search for validation externally. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’ll never go trolling for “likes” again. Jupiter is in my fifth house, after all, and half the planets in the sky will transit that part of my chart over the next few months. I just hope that I don’t come off as desperate once the stars make me crave the warmth of the spotlight again. At the moment, I’m perfectly content living in my own little world.

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