Tiger Gold Coin (source: Bullion Mart)

The Year of the Tiger and the Chinese Tiger month both arrive this afternoon where I live. My horoscopes for the year and month ahead are now available on “Fortune Angel,” a site I’ve been visiting for years.

While I don’t put a lot of stock into these predictions because they haven’t been historically accurate for me, I still like to read them just to see if they correspond to the way I’m currently feeling. Curiously, I’ve had my mind on my money and my money on my mind for a while now. That bodes well for me in this new year if I am to believe what this passage tells me. The prediction reads as follows (grammatical errors included):

“Basically, you will increase your mental and physical power from people, food, or medicine. People around you like to help you, but too many opinions might make your judgment poor, which impact your reputation. The events in this year are related to knowledge, study, research, religion, education, support, protection, wisdom, preparation, stable, hardworking, introspection, and charity. Tiger is your Companion star. A money event will come with your friends in this period. If you and your friends can help each other well, then you have a chance to earn some extra money. If the friendship is not strong enough, then you have the chance to lose your time and investment. The events in this year are related to independence, expansion, lost, plot, complex, challenge, simplicity, competition, egotism, friendship, separation and decision.

This period is about your money. You might have to deal with some business related to your parents, elders or people around you in this year. You might have to spend money for learning new material, exchange experience or save face. Therefore, you need to manage your money carefully. Don’t do any risky investments during this period, that way, you can avoid losing money and face all together. The pressure from parents or elders will decrease during the second part of this year. It’s possible, that, you might have to spend money on friends or siblings and even help them to get rid of their money trouble. So you need to remember that any money or investment opportunity suggested from friends or relatives should be avoided. The money pressure will still be there in the end of in this period. You need to control your temper and pay attention to your health. Otherwise, you will spend money on extra medicine expense. Any career competition in this period is unfavorable for you, even if you have many supporters. Also, you have to pay attention to your relationship with your girl. The trouble from your relationship might come from your friends or relatives.”

I’ve been trying to be more serious when it comes to the way I spend money, and lately I feel as if I have my spending under control. I guess that bodes well for my future, considering what this forecast has to say. Nevertheless, I am somewhat alarmed by the line “Any career competition in this period is unfavorable for you, even if you have many supporters.” That’s not exactly the prediction I was hoping to read.

Anyway, I went back to look through the other Chinese New Year predictions that I’ve published on this blog, and I can confidently say that none of them have come true. So, I suppose that I shouldn’t let this one become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m feeling confident that I can get somewhere this year, professionally speaking. When I revisit this post next year, I want to be able to once again declare to the universe that these forecasts don’t really work for me.

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