Cat o’ Nine Tails (source: Marie Claire)

The sun is about to conjoin Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect occurs once a year, so it should not be something that inspires fear in any of us. However, a few other things are on the horizon this weekend that make me believe that many of us are about to learn some hard lessons in life.

Mercury has just gone direct in Capricorn. Over the next week, it will conjoin Karmic Pluto in Capricorn once again, reminding us that our words can come back to haunt us. What’s more, in about a month from now, Venus and Mars will simultaneously transit the same degree, testing the strength of our relationships.

All this planetary action in signs ruled by Saturn, the zodiac’s disciplinarian, make me believe that people who have been undisciplined will have to answer for something. Actions taken this weekend might be the reason for which we owe fate its due. On the other hand, some of us could be rewarded for our hard work.

The conjunction between the sun and Saturn in the sign of the humanitarian points toward personal sacrifice for the common good. So, if you can, try to be someone who wants to get along with others right now. Put in the work to make the world a better place. This is no time to tell others that if they just listened to you, that their lives would be better, no matter how benevolent you believe you are! When Saturn meets the sun in Aquarius, quite the opposite is true.

Behave yourselves or you are going feel the whip come down. The universe is a cruel mistress . . .

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