Water Tiger (source: Newsweek)

I thought that I was finished discussing the Year of the Tiger earlier this week when I published a second post about the Chinese New Year. That was before I realized that on February 18, we are going to experience a triple Water Tiger day.

The odds of having a Water Tiger day happen during a Water Tiger month and a Water Tiger year are astronomical. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime event!

Now I’m still not convinced that Chinese astrology works for me, but I’m going to pay attention to what happens to me on that day because it is a day that should set the tone for the entire year, or even reveal the tone for the entire year. I’ve got major events occurring simultaneously in my Western chart, too, so that entire week should be interesting for me.

Anyway, I did come across one site that mentioned that it’s an auspicious day to hold a funeral. Yikes! When is it ever a good day to hold a funeral? Unless it’s for Donald Trump, I’m not sure I would describe it as “auspicious.”

It’s also an auspicious day to adopt a pet, so maybe you all should plan to adopt a cat that day. The sun enters Pisces on February 18, too, so perhaps it’s a good day to adopt a fish. Or maybe this is the universe’s way of telling you to adopt a catfish?

I could be reading too much into this . . .

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