I wrote this post five years ago, before Kenya and Marlo reconciled. It’s funny today because of the way I compared them to the Aquarius mother/daughter duo that I knew. Is there anything worse than two Aquarius natives when they are at each other’s throats?

Star Struck Style

marlo-hamptonMarlo Hampton (source: Facebook)

February 7 is Marlo Hampton’s birthday.

I recently discovered that Marlo Hampton is an Aquarius. I found out because she mentioned it on an episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” while she was having a heated discussion with her fellow Aquarius, Kenya Moore.

Anyone who knows me knows that there is no celebrity I find more loathsome than Kenya Moore. Donald Trump and Kanye West come close to the top of my list, but not close enough.

So without really knowing anything about Marlo (like what she does for a living or how she makes enough money to support her luxurious lifestyle), I’m going to publicly declare that I like her. Any enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine. I hope that I don’t end up eating my words. These Atlanta “housewives”turn on a dime.

Anyway, back to that astrology thing I’m…

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