Ceres (source: NASA)

With the exception of Chiron, I don’t know that much about the asteroids. For that reason, I was surprised to discover that when I was blogging about Chiron a couple of days ago, Ceres was conjunct my natal Chiron. That’s something that only happens once every four years.

How weird is that? Ceres rules over food. The post I published was about my decision to supplement my diet with Omega-3 capsules. That probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people, but it is a bigger deal to me than I made it out to be in my original post. The reason for that is that I have been a vegetarian since 1985, and the Omega-3 that I’ve decided to add to my diet is the kind that is derived from fish. I’m sure that I would be fine without it, but I’m quite also sure that I would be better off if I made this change to my diet. I’ve done my research.

I didn’t come to this decision lightly. I took a good look at how the supplements have kept both of my parents healthy since they began taking them several years ago. My father just turned ninety and my mother will be eighty-two in a few weeks. Both of them are quite well-preserved for their age. I’m always bragging about how great I look for a fifty-something guy. What’s more important, though, is how great I feel for my age. I do attribute my vitality to my lifestyle, and I am sure that being a vegetarian for more than three decades has contributed substantially to my state of well-being.

Nevertheless, I am genetically predisposed to developing high blood pressure, and that’s why I have accepted the fact that I could benefit from taking these marine-oil capsules that have kept my parents healthy for so many years. In an age when many people are becoming vegan, I’m actually taking a step in the other direction.

It’s just so weird to realize that an asteroid that I virtually knew nothing about — and the asteroid that is associated with food — was within a degree of the asteroid that is associated with both acquired wisdom and healing. When I attributed this monumental change in my lifestyle to the one heavenly body I didn’t know a thing about the other one and its impact upon my decision. Now I do. What’s more, transiting Ceres was also conjoining Neptune in the fishy sign of Pisces while this strange episode was occurring. I know, right?

Astrology never fails to fascinate me.

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