With Venus entering my fourth house this morning, I think I should put on this shirt and see where it takes me . . .

Star Struck Style

il_fullxfull.1632787986_evo1Cowgirl Fabric (source: Etsy)

I have a Gitman Vintage shirt in this fabric. It’s one of my favorite things in the entire world.

The reason I’m thinking about that shirt is that Venus enters my fourth house just after midnight. I don’t mind fourth house transits, just as long as all the planets don’t pile up there all at once. With my Cancer moon, some fourth house transits make me more nostalgic, including when Venus moves through the sign. The funny thing about this particular transit is how it makes me feel nostalgic for things that were already retro when I was a kid — this fabric, for example. I remember prints like this on the curtains in my country cousin’s outdated bedroom, and in the lining of smelly old sleeping bags we would take camping in the early seventies.

“Cafe Astrology” alludes to these nostalgic feelings in its…

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