Kennedy Davenport (source: YouTube)

Mars moves into my eighth house a week from today. I’m looking forward to the transit because Mars has spent most of the last six months in my seventh house. While Mars isn’t personalized in my chart, I do welcome the change, even though it’s going to have a rather subtle effect on me. At this point, I’ll take what I can get.

Typically, the word “transformation” comes up in discussions of the eighth house because of its relationship to the myth of the phoenix. That got me thinking about Kennedy Davenport and her legendary transformation during the “Death Becomes Her” runway challenge on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Click the link above for a good laugh.

But I digress! The eighth house has a few other interesting associations, including legacies, shared resources, sex, death and the idea of obsession. I believe it corresponds to many of the “inevitabilities” of life. Maybe that’s why so many astrologers like to focus on the notion of “transformation” when planets move through the eighth house. I suppose it’s more fun to explore the notion of “rising from the ashes” than it is to discuss a tax bill coming due.

The website provides an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink interpretation of the transit that I found interesting:

“This period of Mars transiting through your eighth house is characterized by commercial activity, matters pertinent to joint finances, by the elimination of old living conditions and the creation of new ones. Fundamentally, the impulses and conflicts of the ego, whether subtle or obvious, interfere with negotiations or relationship contacts that are carried out at this moment.

You will feel urgency that will cause you impatience, accompanied by a concern for how others value you. You are interested in knowing what others have. In addition, you feel the need to have an intense and intimate contact with others, which gives more ease in sexual relationships. You will have a great capacity for transformation that will allow you to surpass yourself, and this takes you out of the ordinary and transports you to a higher level.”

The phrase that caught my eye was “a concern for how others value you.” I’m always going on and on about the fact that I believe that people take advantage of my competence in professional situations. Chances are that I’ll be going back to work sometime in February or March when this transit is occurring. I hope that I don’t spend two months obsessing over the idea that I’m being overworked and undercompensated. That already happened last February.

On the other hand, maybe I will experience some sort of phoenix-like transformation. That would be exciting because I’m just so fucking bored with everything lately. The combination of COVID-19 and cold weather is really starting to get to me. I need a change. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to make a change. Right now that seems quite unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

In either case, I’m eager for Mars to move on. It’s been a long time coming . . .


  1. Thank you for this post and the link to Astro library. Mars is also transiting my 8th House, and, like you, I am relieved he has moved on from Aries (which involved my 6 and 7th Houses) after his seemingly interminable stay! Even though he’s moved into this most mysterious of houses now, his energy feels much lighter to me-and thank goodness for that as we prepare for the square the Aquarius stellium will be making with him in February!
    Thank you!
    Erika Gargis


  2. Reblogged this on Star Struck Style and commented:

    Mars moves into my eighth house this weekend where it will remain until mid-September. However, it’s upcoming retrograde cycle will bring it back to this part of my chart later in the year. Curiously, I sat down with my new boss yesterday to discuss my “concern for how others value” my contributions at my place of work. Was I setting a theme for this upcoming phase? I probably was!


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