Wow! Check out the predictions I made regarding the social media landscape and Saturn’s transit through Aquarius. The ringed planet doesn’t move into Pisces until March, so expect more of the unexpected over the next few months. Are you listening, Elon Musk?

Star Struck Style

Saturn (source: Britannica)

Saturn entered Aquarius yesterday (or the day before yesterday, depending upon where you live). The last time Saturn changed signs, I was messaging back and forth with a fellow astrologer who had decided to use the planet’s ingress into another sign to launch a fitness routine. It was an admirable goal. However, I looked at his chart and immediately noticed an aspect to his natal Neptune that made me feel as if he was fooling himself. Then, over the next couple of weeks, I watched his newly-adopted fitness routine fizzle out before my very eyes.

I could brag about how I saw something in his chart that he didn’t see, but that’s actually beside the point. I’ve made the same mistakes in the past by expecting a Saturn ingress to change things overnight. If there is one thing that I’ve learned about Saturn in more than…

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