The new moon comes a couple of days after the solstice this year, just like it did when I published this post a few years ago. It’s going to be a dark one, yet I’m thrilled to find the light again.

Star Struck Style

1_Bq0iXRI3Ix2Oj8-pv-lD_gDarkness (source: Medium)

It’s just after eight o’clock where I live and there is barely a glimmer of daylight on the horizon. It’s dark outside!

I do live very far north. In face, Edmonton is the most-northerly major city on the continent. Still, it’s not much further north than London, and it’s not nearly as far north as many other major European cities. I’m not in this alone when I wonder where the sunshine went.

Anyway, everything changes on Saturday night for me when the sun enters Capricorn. While I really don’t start to notice a big change in the length of days until February, just knowing that the northern hemisphere is on the right side of the winter solstice makes me happy.

The sun moves from one sign to the next every thirty days, so there isn’t really much to say about the astrological significance of the solstice…

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