Saturn (source: CNN)

I knew that my second Saturn return was coming, but until yesterday I didn’t have any idea that Saturn will station only two minutes away from my natal Saturn in December, 2024.

Saturn is already personalized in my chart because I’m a Capricorn. For that reason, I believe that I do feel Saturn transits quite acutely. However, I don’t demonize the ringed-planet like many astrologers do because I don’t view any of the planets as benefic or malefic in nature. Take Jupiter, for instance. I’m always at my most reckless when the transiting “benefic” is in favorable alignment to my natal sun or Venus. I don’t want to be reckless; I’m not a Sagittarius!

Anyway, Saturn can have a “wet blanket” effect when it’s hovering over a natal planet in one’s horoscope. It’s these conjunctions that seem to be the most oppressive in my opinion — even more oppressive than squares or oppositions. I spent a year on this blog complaining about Saturn’s station on my natal sun and what that transit did to my sense of self expression. I actually remember that phase of my life far more vividly than my first Saturn return when I had just got out of University and I was trying to figure out exactly what I was going to do with my degree. It wasn’t a pleasant time in my life, but it did provide me with the context that I needed in order to move forward: sort of a cosmic reality check that made me grow up, for lack of a better term.

On the contrary, my progressed sun is hovering overtop my natal Saturn right now and I’m focused upon my career prospects in a way that I have not been focused for most of my life.

But I digress! The second Saturn return is supposed to have a similar effect to the first one, but it is mitigated by life experience. By the time one is in their late fifties, the fact that life changes around them doesn’t come as such a surprise. Either we adapt to the circumstances, or we let life pass us by.

I don’t believe that I’ll do the latter. I’m always eager to learn and improve my situation. It might take me forever to move my way up the ladder, but that’s what I do. In that respect, I’m a Capricorn through and through, and Saturn is right there with me as inch my way toward greatness. I never forget that Saturn transits are “ultimately productive,” and I’m eager to discover exactly what I will have “produced” when I get on the other side of this one. Maybe another book? It did take me a couple of years to write the last one, but I did get it done.

Whatever the future holds, I’m not going to be afraid of it. My “star” has been rising since it bottomed-out in 2020 and Saturn is my star. I’m not going to forget it.

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