Star Struck Style

016-linda-evangelista-90s-vogueint-may2-getty-imagesLinda Evangelista (source: British Vogue)

May 10 is Linda Evangelista’s birthday.

Linda Evangelista and I practically twins! Since our birthdays are very close together, we share most of our outer-planet placements. That probably explains our legendary status in the world of fashion . . .

To be honest, I had a few childhood friends born right around Linda’s birthday. That is why I developed my fondness for Taurus natives. I always found them easygoing and not very stubborn — quite the opposite of the stereotypical bulls described by many astrologers.

I don’t have a time of birth for Linda Evangelista, but I do know that her moon is in Virgo along with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction shared by the kids of my generation. That conjunction is a little looser than mine (it didn’t really get close until the autumn of 1965), but in Linda’s case it also has Mars stuck…

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