This alignment that only occurs every couple of years is going to happen to me again today. I wonder what I can expect?

Star Struck Style

BellagioLasVegasFountainsTinyBellagio (source: Travel Agent Central)

I had an unusually eventful day yesterday.

Mars opposed my natal Pluto while conjoining my natal Chiron (they are mere minutes apart from being exactly opposite in my horoscope). The one thing that I always remember about this transit is that it can predict being a victim of crime. The horoscope on suggests that anyone under the influence of this transit should avoid “bad neighborhoods and the like.”

So, yesterday I got an email from MGM Resorts (owner of the Bellagio and several other Las Vegas resorts), that my personal information had been compromised. All they really had was my home address and an email address that anyone could Google, so I wasn’t really too upset. Also, they offered me a free Equifax membership for a year so that I wouldn’t sue them.

Curiously, the Equifax membership allowed me to look at my…

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