T-shirt (source: Redbubble)

Jupiter enters Aries this coming Tuesday. The gaseous giant will spend about a year in the sign, although it does backtrack into Pisces for about seven weeks in late October.

Self-centered energy can be a consequence of this transit. Jupiter can embolden people to be a little too comfortable and overt with their selfishness. “Café Astrology” offers this succinct interpretation of the less-desirable effects of Jupiter’s transit through Aries:

“Jupiter’s zeal can supersede moderation at times. It can expand the more negative qualities of a sign, just as it can expand the positive traits. Its zeal and enthusiasm is well-intentioned, but it can blind us to our immoderate behavior. In Aries, negative manifestations include a too narrow focus, a me-first attitude that can be insensitive, failing to consider others’ points of view and leaving opportunities behind as a result, over-confidence, not learning from past mistakes, and a lack of objectivity.”

Despite the negative repercussions of this transit, there is a huge upside to the “lack of objectivity” that Jupiter in Aries brings to society-at-large. It can make one’s biases and prejudices seem almost cartoonish. People who adopt radical viewpoints will start to appear even more ridiculous and shameless than they did before. There’s nowhere to hide when Jupiter is in Aries: we’re all going to be wearing our opinions for others to see like a bunch of idiots in T-shirts like the one I posted above. That’s probably okay if your point-of-view is something that is shared by most rational individuals. However, the more extreme your opinions are, the more likely you are to make a fool of yourself by letting everyone know exactly what you are thinking while the most indelicate planet in the zodiac travels through the most impolitic sign of the zodiac.

My advice is to keep things to yourself, especially when the urge to appear controversial overtakes you. Saturn will still be in Aquarius until next March, reminding us all that standing out in a crowd is okay if you’re standing out for all the right reasons. Once it moves into Pisces, becoming a card-carrying member of the lunatic fringe might become a more valid option. I’m kidding, sort of.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got better things to do than to offer advice to all of you. I gotta put me first!

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