Linda Evangelista (source: British Vogue)

May 10 is Linda Evangelista’s birthday.

Linda Evangelista and I practically twins! Since our birthdays are very close together, we share most of our outer-planet placements. That probably explains our legendary status in the world of fashion . . .

To be honest, I had a few childhood friends born right around Linda’s birthday. That is why I developed my fondness for Taurus natives. I always found them easygoing and not very stubborn — quite the opposite of the stereotypical bulls described by many astrologers.

I don’t have a time of birth for Linda Evangelista, but I do know that her moon is in Virgo along with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction shared by the kids of my generation. That conjunction is a little looser than mine (it didn’t really get close until the autumn of 1965), but in Linda’s case it also has Mars stuck right between the two planets and Saturn sitting in a loose opposition in Pisces.

It’s quite an interesting aspect, and a little less “generational” because of the involvement of a relatively swift-moving planet like Mars.

What I have noticed in the people who were born in the spring of 1965 is that they are far better “specialists” than me and the people born later in the year or in early 1966. That Mars/Saturn opposition seemed to add a little tension to their horoscopes and maybe even mitigated the fact that they have Jupiter in Gemini. That Jupiter placement often broadens an individual’s horizons in a manner that makes them indecisive and eager to take the easy way out. Mars in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces provided them with a more-determined nature that was often manifested as a response to their shortcomings. They were so paranoid at being terrible at (A) that they put all their energy into (B) to prove their worth.

When it worked, it worked. Take Linda Evangelista, for example. She might be the most-admired model of all time for her chameleon-like appearance and her unparalleled skills. I don’t even know if she’s ever had another job besides modeling, but if she did, she was probably terrible at it.

I really would like to know her time of birth. A Capricorn rising would make the most sense, placing a bunch of planets in her showy fifth house and a bunch near her midheaven in the ninth and tenth houses. That would explain her uppity, blue chip appearance. It could also explain why she is still possesses stature in an industry where most girls are long forgotten after a brief moment in the spotlight. I should reach out to her on social media. She’s responded to me before.

Hmm . . .

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